Mobility Choreomundus 2024-2026

Choreomundus students follow a course of studies in the four universities that comprise the Choreomundus consortium according to the following mobility path:

Semester 1 (Autumn)

  • All students follow induction and a short intensive course in Szeged.
  • The students live in Szeged

Semester 2 (Spring)


  • All students follow an intensive course (Dance Analysis) in Trondheim in January.
  • The students study and live in Szeged in the rest of the semester.

Summer between Semesters 2 and 3

  • Students carry out fieldwork in a location of their choice.
  • Important: students can not undertake fieldwork in their home country and/or country of residence.

Semester 3 (Autumn)

  • All students live in Clermont-Ferrand, study at UCA.

Semester 4 (Spring)

  • All students live in London, study at UR.
For an outline of the content of the programme for each semester as well as for details on the curriculum please refer to Programme Content Choreomundus 2020-2025.