Choreomundus Alumni

An International network of dancers, dance artists, dance scholars, dance activists, and experts in dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage born out the Erasmus Mundus programme CHOREOMUNDUS

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Since 2012, Choreomundus trained 128 students from 60 countries over 7 cohorts. Only 4 dropped out from all accepted. 82 already graduated with an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (EMJMD). This has given rise to an expanding international network, covering all continents, enabling connections between people, between ideas and between cultures.

The following chart shows the number of students from each region:

Africa 36, Americas 31, Asia 26, Europe 35 (23 EU and 12 non-EU), MIddle East, 11, Australia 1, Carribean 2

The Choreomundus Experience

Oluwadamilare Adeyericohort #2
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“Take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge and resources available through the programme with a rich cross-cultural perspective; it’s like no other… Endeavour to connect within the host communities of the different universities – it enriches your experience and expands your network. Finally, expect to soak up the Choreomundus experience as much as you can; it is and of itself a lived experience!”
Nneamaka Igbonezimcohort #2
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“Choreomundus is a lifetime opportunity you don’t want to miss. It’s also life transforming and opens you to many possibilities in the world of dance, performance and heritage studies. You sure will come out a well-rounded student, properly equipped to transform the cultural sector in your country. You also get to connect with top professionals and enjoy the rich knowledge base of the lectures. I would gladly do Choreomundus again and again.”
Ronald Kibirige
Ronald Kibirigecohort #1
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“I personally cherish the Choreomundus programme! Right from the beginning of this master’s programme, I knew it would impact a lot on my future undertakings. So, I took it very seriously – and indeed this has come to pass. Although I am employed as a Lecturer, I have a number of other voluntary projects I am running, not to mention my recent appointment to a Ph.D. programme, which I gladly accepted.”
Sristi K. C.cohort #4
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“Apart from the excellent academic experience, for me, the journey in Choreomundus was also an opportunity for self-assessment and understanding. Believe that you will get exposed to and enriched with different perspectives. What I value the most is the capacity to integrate all of us, and the benefit of expanding my network to a worldwide level.”
Spyridoula Lymniaticohort #3
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“Choreomundus can benefit you with its best when you collaborate and learn from each other’s uniqueness.”
Tsolmon Tserendorjcohort #4
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“Two years of amazing journey with wonderful people in wonderful places will give you a new knowledge, new experience and new perspectives. Of course, you will be homesick, have cultural shocks, but do not worry. You will survive together with your Choreofamily members, so, just follow your path. In the end of the journey, you will find another and better version of yourself.”
Senyo Okyerecohort #1
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“Having colleagues from multiple countries and getting to learn and share from one another and our professors, the illumination gained as a result of the courses taken along these two years has better oriented my conception and approach to things and thus provided me the chance to adapt in diverse sectors.”

Alumni Registration

All Choreomundus Scholarship Students must register to the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA). Please verify that you are registered since membership is not automatic.

Likewise, all former and current Choreomundus almuni are encouraged to register for free at the Choreomundus Alumni Association, which aims at fostering a community of dancers and dance researchers that have taken part in Choreomundus. Registration requires only a brief biography and a profile photo.