Alumni Conference 2018

Choreomundus Alumni Conference 2018
July 25-28, Szeged, Hungary

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Accommodation provided by Choreomundus:

Agóra building: (where the conference is taking place)


Wednesday, 25 July, evening Welcome

  • An informal come-together for early arrivers 
  • Venue: Informal come-together at the study room of KMK. 
  • OBS: The come-together is self-financed, which gives as the opportunity to buy/make food and drink to share with others. KMK is equipped with a fridge and a kitchen. A good start for the community spirit the Alumni Conference wishes to inspire.

Thursday, 26 July

  • Venue: Ágora


Opening, Welcoming and Presentations


Coffee break


Choreomundus Networking Roundtable (moderated by Natasa Chanta-Martin)


Professional life after graduation (moderator Georgiana Wierre-Gore)


Tserendorj Tsolmon “Working at the National Cultural Heritage Center”


Al Obeidyine Jana “Employing Dance Ethnography In Cultural Journalism”


Juan Felipe Miranda Medina “Omnipresence Over Specialization: Capacities and Possibilities”


Dance and People in Crisis (moderator Egil Bakka)


Luiza Beloti Abi Saab “Refugee-Body: Rabelados Cultural Context                                  in Cabo Verde”


Eloisa Lamilla Guerrero  “Dance in funerals of Lugbara communities of the North Western Uganda”


Ronald Kibirige “Ritual Dance-Musicking in the Acholi Post-War                        Communities of Northern Uganda”




ICH/UNESCO (moderator László Felföldi)


Kim-Lee Campbell “Dance and ecologic awareness”


Filip Petkovski “From Community to Humanity: Dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage”


Heather van Niekerk “Heritagisation in narratives of Breton-ness constructed through dance”


Popular dance forms and identity (moderator Theresa Jill Buckland)


Luna-Jared Jonathan “Rated SPG: a performance research                                              on popular dance on noontime television”


Urvi Vora “Performance of Nationalism at the India-Pakistan Border”


Ana Stojanovic “Dance as a Gift: Exchange procedures in the public                          mass performance of Slet in Socialist Yugoslavia”




Dance ethnography (moderator Sándor Varga)


Sozer Ozdemir – Sebnem and Aray Rakhimzhanova “Dance in Turkish Henna Night Ritual”


Dance and Education (moderator Svein Gladsø)


Mohamed Farid – Muhammad Noramin “Malay Dance as Co-Curricular                   Activity in Singapore Schools: Promoting Creativity or Instilling Rigidity?”


Tsehaye Haidemariam “Dance Education in the Digital Age”


Ipshita Rajesh  “Integrating dance in education systems”


Coffee break


Questions and Answers session interrupted by short meetings with Alumni by Skype (moderator Gediminas Karoblis)

17.15-21.00 Choreomundus dance festival


Friday, 27 July

Venue: Agora


  • 1. Intangible Cultural Heritage alumni operating committee (Tsehaye Haidemariam and Filip Petkovski)
  • 2. Culturally Diverse Dance Education (Madli Teller and Ipshita Rajesh)

11.30-12.00 Coffee break


  • 1. Creative Writing Workshop (Al Obeidyine Jana and Sara Azzarelli)
  • 2. Creative Movement Collaboration (Heather van Niekerk and Luna-Jared Jonathan)

13.15-14.15 Lunch

14.15-15.00 General Assembly of CAA

17.00-21.00 Choreomundus dance festival


Saturday, 28 July 

Alumni Registration

All Choreomundus Scholarship Students must register to the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association (EMA). Please verify that you are registered since membership is not automatic.

Likewise, all former and current Choreomundus almuni are encouraged to register for free at the Choreomundus Alumni Association, which aims at fostering a community of dancers and dance researchers that have taken part in Choreomundus. Registration requires only a brief biography and a profile photo. 

For your information: The 30th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology commences at the University of Szeged on July 28, 2018.