Visiting scholars

Application form for scholars

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Choreomundus offers short-term scholarships to scholars to undertake teaching and research activities in the context of the joint programme. Interested scholars should apply directly to Choreomundus and their application will go through a competitive selection process organised by the partners involved.

A scholar, in this context, is defined as a person with outstanding academic and/or professional experience who lectures or conducts research in a higher education institution or a research organisation established in accordance with national legislation and practice.

EMJMD scholars must:

  • commit themselves to actively participate in Choreomundus masters course activities;
  • perform teaching/research/student tutoring activities;
  • bring concrete added value to the course and students (through teaching of specific classes, leading and participating in seminars or workshops, tutoring student research/project activities, preparing new teaching modules, etc.);
  • contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the Erasmus+ Programme in general, and Choreomundus in particular, in their Higher Education Institution and country of origin.

A scholar may in principle receive one scholarship from Choreomundus.


The Choreomundus consortium invites interested scholars to fill in the form for scholars posted below. Please upload a CV and a scan of your passport in the fields for document upload, also, if you prefer to list periods that are suitable for you, such a list can also be uploaded as attachment.

The deadline for 2022-2023 applications:
17th January 2022 (Autumn semester 2022)
5th April 2022 (Spring semester 2023)

Applications are also accepted outside these periods.

Questions may be sent to the Coordinating administrator Elise Carraro