Please read the following Application Guidelines before you begin your application.

No new scholarships are currently available. Further information regarding scholarships will be available later in the year after the selection procedures. Moreover, self-funding students are urged to apply as there will be a 50% waiver of participation costs.

Application Guidelines
Before applying please read the website carefully. Special attention should be paid to the Programme Summary and Programme Content, so that you are certain that this is the master programme for YOU!
Remember that you will be travelling to 4 different European countries over 2 years and may do fieldwork or an internship in a fifth. So, if you don’t like change, Choreomundus might NOT be for you!
The next step is to read the Admission Requirements carefully and prepare all documents for uploading although you may begin application procedures before you have all of these.
However, do pay special attention to the Deadline for application.
Once you have done the above, you are advised to read other items in the Menu before finally applying.

For any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinating Administrator or Convener at the following address with the e-mail heading APPLICATION ENQUIRIES: