Frequently Asked Questions

See below.

A. No, if you are a scholarship student. Yes, if you are a self funding student. 

A. If you have a degree other than the ones specified in the first item on the Admission Requirements page, you may apply to Choremundus if you can demonstrate that you have a strong dance background. Please read the Admission Requirements.

A. No, Choreomundus does not provide a training in dance practice. It is an academic programme which analyses dance practice.

A. Every year is a new application round so you must complete all the requirements including uploading all documents.

A. The clip may be of dancing of any kind including contemporary dance or hip hop. If you have expertise in dance grounded in the culture of your country it is also good to demonstrate that. 

A. For information about the mobility path between the 4 partner countries, please consult the following page: Mobility

A. The first or/and second degree certificate(s) and transcript(s) of records must be translated. Both the originals and translations must be scanned and uploaded with the application.